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Lamin-x Expanding Into Europe

In October of 2023, both Lamin-x Protective Films based in Blairsville, Georgia and Promofolia GmbH located in Stockheim, Germany reached a formal agreement whereas Promofolia would become the exclusive distributor of Lamin-x brand products which include it's light protection film as well as it's self-branded paint protection film, Ricochet PPF.

L to R: Chris Wadle - Lamin-x & Joachim Neuweiler - Promofolia

Here is what the two parties had to say about this joint venture:

Joachim Neuweiler - Promofolia GmbH

"Becoming the exclusive distributor of Lamin-x in Europe is a pivotal moment for Promofolia. This partnership extends beyond distribution, shaping our identity as not just automotive enthusiasts but as pioneers in surface protection and design.

Our initial focus is on igniting a spark within the motorsports industry, bringing Lamin-x to the forefront of the motorsports industry.

As we cater to the needs of professionals in high-performance settings, we are poised to gradually introduce the Lamin-x brand to everyday car enthusiasts, ensuring that our commitment to excellence and innovation resonates across all automotive domains.," says Joachim Neuweiler, owner of Promofolia GmbH.

Chris Wadle - Lamin-x

According to Chris Wadle, Founder/CEO of Lamin-x Protective Films, "Our roots started in motorsports. In line with that tradition, we are partnering up with one of Europe's leading trackside service providers, Promofolia, as they take on the role of the exclusive distributor for Lamin-x in Europe.

This strategic partnership not only strengthens our global presence but also ensures that automotive enthusiasts across Europe have access to the highest quality protective films along with creating a European distribution network for the world's leading surface protection films."


About Promofolia GmbH

As a dynamic and forward-thinking company, Promofolia is dedicated to bringing cutting-edge products to automotive enthusiasts across the continent. Our journey, deeply rooted in motorsports, has expanded to offer a spectrum of services that redefine automotive customization.

Beyond being the exclusive distributor of Lamin-x in Europe, we take pride in providing graphic design services tailored to elevate advertising and marketing campaigns. From dynamic vehicle lettering, digital printing & stickers to captivating window advertising, signs & banners, and precision car wraps tailored for both street and the demanding motorsports industry.